Daviesites, named after the founding Housemaster, Revd G S Davies, was originally located  in Farncombe.  In 1875 Daviesites moved to a building on the highest point of Frith Hill dated c 1850, which was bought by the Governing Body in 1905 when pupil numbers were increased from 25 to 40. It was the first ‘new’ House to move into its present building in November 1973 and was opened by the Queen in 1975.

The House was designed by the son of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, architect of the Memorial Chapel, and is conveniently located close to the Central Dining Rooms, Queen's Sports Centre, golf course and playing fields.


Housemaster's WELCOME

To Daviesites, their tutors, Matron and Housemaster, the House is both an extended family and a team, in which everyone matters and everyone has a role to play. It’s also a home-from-home after a long day or a hard match and a place of security and friendship. Kindness and respect are evident throughout the House and there’s a great spirit of community, teamwork and trust.

Enthusiasm and energy are central Daviesite values and are reflected in the dynamic House spirit. Whatever the subject, sport or society, taking part and giving it your best shot is what matters. As Housemaster, I strive to ensure that all Daviesites make the very most of their time at Charterhouse and the wonderful opportunities offered to them. Cheerful and willing participation breeds confidence and success.

If I can also instil responsibility, accountability and self-discipline in all Daviesites then I have helped prepare them for whatever their lives hold beyond the school. In everyday terms, this means helping them manage their time, knuckle down to work and develop a selfless and considerate attitude towards those around them.

Parents and relations should feel they are as much part of the Daviesite family as the rest of us. Please do support matches, attend concerts and watch plays and feel free to call in for a coffee and chat whenever you are at School.

Mr JF Tully, BEng, FICS, FRGS

As well as being Daviesites Housemaster since 2009, Jon Tully teaches physics at Charterhouse. Prior to teaching, his career included seven years as a shipbroker and PLC director. He has also served in both the Merchant and Royal Navy, during which time he gained a First in Naval Architecture at London University.

Jon saw active service in Iraq in 2004 with the Territorial Army and currently commands the Royal Marine Detachment of the CCF. His wife Jenny is an IT consultant and  riding instructor. They share a love of the outdoors, riding and sailing and have led gap-year diving expeditions to Fiji and Borneo. Jon is a keen cross-country runner, RYA yacht skipper and qualified mountain leader. In 2015 Jon was appointed Senior Housemaster of Charterhouse and is therefore one of the School’s Senior Leadership Team.

Contact Information

Mr JF Tully
T: 01483 291580
E: [email protected]


Housemaster Elect

Housemaster from September 2019

Mr Sam James, MA

Sam joined Charterhouse in September 2010, having spent nearly three years in Investment Management and having previously served as an officer in the Royal Air Force. He is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, where he achieved an MA in Management. Sam teaches Economics and has held a range of responsibilities including Assistant Housemaster for 5 years, and Head of the Removes (Year 10). He currently coaches the 2nd XI Hockey and Cricket teams and runs the Charterhouse Farm. Sam is taking over as Housemaster of Daviesites in September 2019.

Contact Information

Mr SD James
E-mail: s[email protected]


Pupil Reviews

“Daviesites is a loving and sharing house; the people of the House are always willing to help others when their support is needed, they are kind and helpful and they are ready to fight for Daviesites in any sort of competition (from water polo to chess) no matter what. In addition to all that, Daviesites seems to be one big family. When I look at other Houses I feel none of them can quite match us for family spirit. It makes me feel proud to be a Daviesite.”
 a First Year Specialist (Year 12)

“Daviesites is the most inclusive House, in the sense that the atmosphere is very natural. The boys in each of the years are welcoming and friendly to the girls which makes it very easy for everyone to settle in. This is not only because of the way the boys and girls mix really easily but also how homely it feels. The studies and common rooms used by the students make it easy to bond with everyone from the outset; not to mention the different opportunities we have to wind down after studying hard during the week. Daviesites is a House where all feel settled and at home in an environment where people get involved in different activities and enjoy themselves.”
 a First Year Specialist (Year 12)

“In terms of location you could not ask for anything more.

Daviesites is fittingly ‘an anchor’ house, arguably being the best situated House in the School. It sits just a cricket pitch away from the picturesque towered buildings of the main School; gifting us with stunning views. It is located next to the BTT (Ben Travis Theatre) with its garden backing onto the football pitches.

It is no coincidence that the Housemaster of Daviesites, Mr Tully, is also head of the Charterhouse Marines as the Commando ethos imbues the house: courage, determination, selflessness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity. If we were to have a house motto, I believe it should read: ‘together we succeed’.

We are not, however, just encouraged to strive for success on the parade ground but also in many other cultural and sporting areas. We are enthusiastic participants in school theatre productions, music concerts and orchestras, as well as on the playing fields.

Although we are so closely located next to the football pitches, we do not have a shining cabinet of sporting trophies to boast. Wherever we do place in House competitions, our House spirit wins through every match. We are gifted with plenty of support inside House too, ranging from a sound group of tutors to pupils that live amongst us in the House; encouraging each other on the playing field or in the classroom is something that we hold very important as Daviesites.

Personally, however, the most valuable part of being a Daviesite is the sense of ‘togetherness’ as much as our successes as a House. I have made friendships with the people I live with that I know I will hold dear all my life. So, when I leave Charterhouse at the end of my specialist years, I look forward to celebrating future successes together as we move onto university, careers and adult life.”

 a First Year Specialist (Year 12)

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