Daviesites are famed for their energy, enthusiasm and competitive spirit, buoyed by the enormous sense of pride the boys have for their house. Applying the very best attitude and team approach is the most important aspect of competition in Daviesites, rather than simply focusing on the end result. That said, it is no surprise that getting the former aspect right has led to a great deal of recent success in the latter.

As Housemaster it is my aim that every Daviesite should possess a strong sense of self discipline, integrity, and consideration for others, who instinctively volunteer their services when required and take ownership of their mistakes when they inevitably occur.

In Daviesites, preparation for success in the world beyond Charterhouse is as important as delivering success within it. As such the boys are encouraged to be the masters of their own destiny, they are afforded a degree of ownership in house decision making and are entrusted to take the lead on running house events, projects and some financial matters, even if that means a few mistakes are made along the way. One of our central aims is to ensure that the boys are familiar and comfortable with responsibility and leadership throughout their time here. We hope to develop young men who are at ease and confident when working independently if the situation calls for it but who are at their very best when working in collaboration with others. Cooperation and integration throughout the house is therefore key and to that end we put aside the natural boundaries created by year groups and the limitations they can impose. The older boys are seen as mentors to the younger housemates rather than their seniors, the house a band of brothers rather than a hierarchy.

Parents, guardians and relations are as much part of the Daviesite family as the rest of us. Please support matches, attend concerts and watch plays and feel free to call in for a coffee and chat whenever you are at School.

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