Girdlestoneites sits on an island site close to the main teaching buildings. It accommodates approximately sixty pupils. During their first two years, boys share double rooms, and from the Fifths (Year 11) they have single rooms. There is a sumptuous Victorian common room (known as the Writing School), a large storage room, a television room and a computer room/library. Matron’s flat is in the heart of the House. The House also has its own kitchen and wood-panelled dining room, donated by Girdlestone as his parting gift. Frederick Girdlestone (Old Carthusian) founded the House in 1874, having been associated with the School since 1853. He first became the Housemaster of Gownboys and on his move to Girdlestoneites persuaded a dozen Gownboys, including Robert Baden-Powell, to join him in his new House. The ‘Duck’, as he was affectionately known because of his peculiar gait (hence the commonly used name of the House: Duckites), retired in 1912.



Housemaster's WELCOME

Girdlestoneites (known as Duckites) are tremendously busy pupils in all areas of school life, and this gives the House a distinctive spirit of energy and endeavour. Duckites are typically enthusiastic and hard-working, and seize the many opportunities afforded them by life in such a prestigious and successful boarding house. The House is an inclusive and cosmopolitan environment, with a strong corporate identity.

I am keen to foster a diverse and tolerant community for whom the idea of education extends beyond the classroom and into the normal pattern of their daily lives. One of our cardinal aims is to promote a culture of self-motivated intellectual enquiry and critical debate, where due respect is given to academic excellence. All Duckites are also expected to contribute to the cultural richness of the House. Scholarly endeavour is, however, regarded as a complement, rather than an alternative, to full participation in co-curricular activities. The House has recently enjoyed a strong reputation in football, hockey, cross-country-running, art, chess, and music.

Contact Information

Dr PJ Langman
T: +44 (0)1483 291540


Housemaster Bio

Dr PJ Langman, MEd, PhD

Philip Langman took up the post of Housemaster of Girdlestoneites in 2014. He has a First Class degree in Mathematics and a PhD from Southampton University. From Southampton he went to work for the Ministry of Defence in Portsmouth before returning to a research post with an engineering firm in Dorset. 

Philip decided on a career change in 2007 because, in his words, he wanted to work with people as well as numbers, and launched himself into teaching by taking up a position working with low achievers, youth offenders and vulnerable young people under a government scheme, before moving to Charterhouse in 2008. Philip is married to Sarah and they have three young children.

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