Mr IS Richards, MA

Ian Richards took up the post of Housemaster of Hodgsonites in 2015. He has taught Politics at Charterhouse since 2009, and is well known to the pupils of the House as he was previously the Assistant Housemaster. 

Following a History degree from London University, Ian completed an MA at Warwick University in History and Politics. After a gap year working for the NHS, he undertook a PGCE teaching qualification at Wadham College, Oxford. He taught in two schools before coming to Charterhouse, most recently Dr Challoner’s Girls' grammar school in Buckinghamshire, where he was Head of Politics, Head of University Admissions and co-ordinated school-wide programmes in citizenship and debating. 

Since joining Charterhouse, Ian has been a tutor in Girdlestoneites, and he organises girls' football, assists with swimming and water polo, and is part of the School's peer support programme. Ian enjoys cross country running, and he has competed in a number of 10K runs. He reads widely, and writes regularly for Politics Review magazine, having previously served on its editorial board as its online editor.

Contact Information

Mr IS Richards
Telephone: +44 (0)1483 291570
E-mail: isr@charterhouse.org.uk

Housemaster's Statement

My aim in House is very simple, I try to create a civilised homely atmosphere where all boys and girls can thrive and realise their full potential in everything they do. Respect for each other is vital to this aim and I am pleased to say that everyone from the newest fourth former to the Head of House is equally important to us, and their achievements are a source of pride to all members of the House, whether it be success in academic or extra curricular activities.

I am pleased to say that we have built up a House which is full of talented students all of whom have a broad range of interests. We have some fine sportsmen, we have some excellent musicians and can produce a House Orchestra of over 20 players, as well as excellent actors and artists.

We are a cosmopolitan House with pupils from many countries. Our pupils are actively involved in the many weekend activities on offer, and  I am pleased that the House is busy seven days a week.

We have a strong Old Hodgsonite Association and I am delighted that they take an active interest in the House. We jointly organise a Careers evening when Old Hodgsonites come back and talk to present specialists about their chosen careers. The OHA have recently instituted a History prize for the Fourth form World War One projects. Their excellent website can be found at  www.hodgsonites.com

House Profile

If you talk to pupils and teachers at Charterhouse, Hodgsonites is known to be a friendly and welcoming house. Its international spirit draws in a wide variety of cultures from all over the globe, making the House a place where we can expand our academic and cultural horizons. People come out of Hodgsonites with life-long friends from all over the world, something which is really quite special.

What is great about Hodgsonites is that we are not limited by having a particular reputation in any one area. Hodgsonites is a place where people’s talents thrive; where people can pursue their interests whether it be taxidermy, film making, or football – anything goes, within reason! Everyone – from their first to their last year – is welcome in Hodgsonites, whatever their academic, sporting, or cultural abilities, which means that no one ever feels out of place.

Mr Wright and Mrs Wright and an outstanding set of House tutors play a huge role in the friendly atmosphere in Hodgsonites. The informal interaction between students and teachers ensures that they are always approachable and willing to help out when things aren’t going so well. The role our tutors play and the interest they show in the House makes Hodgsonites an interesting and dynamic place to live in – especially at meal times!

Being apart from the academic heart of the school, being near the dining rooms and sports centre, and having fantastic views of the North Downs makes Hodgsonites a haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily Charterhouse life. A place where one can relax, study, have fun, and most importantly of all, feel at home.

 House Monitors

The Boarding House

Hodgsonites was founded by J T Hodgson in 1872 with just 4 boys in a property on the south side of Godalming High Street. This meant a walk of a mile and a half up the hill to School for Chapel at 7.45am; they were allowed breakfast in Verites, but treated as outsiders. In1873 the increased house population of ten boys were relieved to move to “The Hermitage” on Frith Hill Road, much closer to School.   In January 1874 a new home was ready for habitation but, as all the boys were of Under School age, some seniors were imported from other Houses.  The School bought the House in 1888.  The move to the present building, designed by the son of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, architect of the Memorial Chapel, took place in 1974. In 1977 the Old Hodgsonites Mantlepiece from the Old Charterhouse was reconstructed within the boundary wall opposite Central Dining Rooms.

Meals are provided in a separate House dining room nearby, and the sports centre, golf course and playing fields are within easy reach.

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