Mr Andrew Hunt


The School motto, Deo Dante Dedi, “God having given, I give” underpins all that happens at Charterhouse and in Lockites.

Mr Andrew Hunt

Coming to a school like Charterhouse is an extraordinary privilege and one open to so few. Given this exceptional start in life, it is important that pupils understand the responsibilities that come with this.

We must seek to give back to the wider world and play our part in making it a better and happier place for everyone. The traditional Christian ethos of the School is one that I share and I have a deep conviction that we ought to care for each other and look to the needs of others first rather than our own. This is the ethos I will seek to encourage in Lockites. In other words, love your Housemate as yourself!

Lockites will strive to be a House where the pupils and staff alike are not self-centred, but passionate about caring for others. A House not aiming to be the best at everything at the expense of others but a House where we aim to build each other up and achieve great things together.

As Head of Lockites, I strive to be  good at listening to others; empathetic; adept at resolving difficult situations; caring and interested in holistic development; persuasive; wise at stewarding resources; committed to the development of every pupil and committed to building a community. Together we have built a happy House and one where pupils leave with the conviction that it is more rewarding to make life better for others rather than seeking their own self-fulfilment and satisfaction. Once these values are instilled, I hope they will act powerfully for the rest of the pupils’ lives and go on to inspire others.

Mr AR Hunt, MA

Andrew Hunt graduated from Cambridge with a degree in Astrophysics in 2004. After a year teaching English in Laos, he returned to the UK to teach Mathematics at Emmanuel College, Gateshead, where he had been a pupil, and then taught at Oundle for three years before joining Charterhouse in 2009. Andrew took up the post of Head of Lockites in September 2016 having previously held the posts of Deputy Head of Gownboys, Head of International Pupils and Weekend Provision, Head of Peer Support and Head of Under School Mathematics.

Andrew teaches Mathematics, assists with the Christian Union and is keen on all sports, particularly tennis. He is a keen musician and plays jazz and classical piano, violin and bass guitar.

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