Mr NS Pelling MA

Nick Pelling came to teach History at Charterhouse in 1989 after winning the Earl of Derby prize for the best first class degree in the University in London. He currently teaches modern History. His wife is Head of Art at Barrow Hills Prep School and they have four children, the youngest of whom is now 18. He is the author of the book Anglo-Irish Relations 1798-1922 and has recently completed an MSc in American Politics.

Nick has also been involved with the creation of the Pre-U History syllabus for the Cambridge International Board. His interests include football (supporting Southampton), American and Irish History, and current affairs. He has been known to play the guitar.

Contact Information

Mr NS Pelling MA
Telephone: 01483 291610

Housemaster's Statement

Our aim in Pageites is to provide an environment that forms a home away from home in which all members of the House are appreciated and valued as individuals. They are given every opportunity and encouragement to develop their intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm for learning and academic abilities as well as their very many individual interests and talents. Pageites is well known for its friendliness and integration of pupils within and across year groups.

Throughout their time in the House, Pageites develop their self-confidence and self-reliance, teamwork, leadership and social skills. In the Under School boys help out with the day to day running of the House and all First Year Specialists (boys and girls) are given opportunities to take on specific responsibilities before playing key roles in helping to run the House in their final year. Overall, we form a vibrant and diverse community and all Pageites contribute positively to the house and school atmosphere in all that they do.

House Profile

Pageites is a dynamic and friendly boarding house. The caring and supportive community of Pageites provides a strong sense of identity and belonging. All year groups integrate well, and are supported by a dedicated team of staff. We aim to combine an academic atmosphere with one in which pupils can achieve personal, social and sporting development, as well as cultural and spiritual growth.

 Head of House (Year 13)

Life in Pageites is as varied as you want it to be. I’ve found that it is possible to partake in any number of activities and practise them at an inter-house level. The spirit within the house encourages everyone to join in at whatever they choose, and provides comfort when you first arrive or whenever you don’t feel at your best. The boarding environment promotes strong friendship and vastly improves social skills whilst the privacy provided by single rooms allows each individual the space he or she requires.

 A First Year Specialist (Year 12)

The first thing that struck me about Pageites was its convivial and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is highly supportive and the different years hold mutual respect for each other. It does not at all lack interesting characters – in fact, quite the opposite. There never seems to be a dull moment or a minute without laughter. Yet, the balance between academia and sports is still a priority. We have both the top Scholars and the best Water Polo team in the School!

 A First Year Specialist Girl (Year 12)

Studying at Charterhouse is not always an easy task, especially when living overseas - distanced from home and friends. It felt tough to begin with. However, such feelings disappeared after a short period of time. All this was due to the new friendships formed and the atmosphere of our lively House. Pageites is a unique House where personal warmth can be found everywhere. The energetic house spirit provides a strong, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that everyone can enjoy themselves. The very wide range of talents from academic to cultural, and the invincible sporting spirit accentuates every member’s ability and happiness.

 A Fifth (Year 11)

Pageites is an energetic and lively House. As a boarder, my friends and I have learnt to be independent and self-motivated. The atmosphere in Pageites is very friendly – each year group interlocks strongly within itself and with others. There are many different activities which you can take part in and develop your own individual talents.

 A Remove (Year 10)

I came to Charterhouse rather nervous and intimidated at the prospect of starting at what seemed like an extremely large school. However, within days of being here the warmth of Pageites had settled me and I felt at home. It is perhaps not academic prowess or sporting excellence for which Pageites stands out; it is the friends, laughter and sense of community that is ever-present in the House. Pageites has given me the confidence to excel, and turned me from a small prep school boy into a responsible Carthusian. I strongly recommend Pageites; the pastoral care of the House is second to none.

 A Fourth (Year 9)

The Boarding House

Pageites was one of the later houses to be built and was founded in 1875 by T E Page, a renowned schoolmaster, housemaster and classics scholar. It was originally situated on Frith Hill, a few hundred yards from the main School at the end of the bridge to Girdlestoneites. Pageites moved into the current building in 1974. All members of the house have individual study bedrooms from the Removes (Year 10) onwards. In the Fourths (Year 9) there are three double rooms in the new boys' wing and everyone in their first year spends at least one Quarter sharing.

There are a range of facilities within the House including a large Common Room, games room, library/computer room, music room, butteries on each floor, and separate First Year Specialist and Second Year Specialist Common Rooms. All meals are taken together in the Pageites Dining Room next to the central kitchen. We are situated advantageously near to the Queen’s Sports Centre, playing fields, Astroturf and golf course.

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