Pageites was one of the later houses to be built and was founded in 1875 by Mr TE Page, a renowned schoolmaster, housemaster and classics scholar. It was originally situated on Frith Hill, a few hundred yards from the main School at the end of the bridge to Girdlestoneites. Pageites moved into the current building in 1974. All members of the House have individual study bedrooms from the Removes (Year 10) onwards. In the Fourths (Year 9) there are three double rooms in the new wing and everyone in their first year spends at least one term sharing.

There are a range of facilities within the House including a large Common Room, games room, library/computer room, music room, butteries on each floor, and separate Sixth Form Common Rooms.  We are situated advantageously near to the Central Dining Room, Queen’s Sports Centre, playing fields, Astroturf and golf course.

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