Robinites was founded in 1872 by Mr GH Robinson, the Music Master, when the School moved to Godalming from London. It was originally sited on Frith Hill. For the first thirty years of its existence it was a ‘waiting house,’ for pupils awaiting a place in another, more senior, house. In 1904-05 it achieved full House status within the School. In 1972 the House moved to its present site in purpose-built accommodation on Northbrook. The House provides single-room accommodation and internet connection throughout. There is also an IT room and library containing 6 networked PCs, a games room and a TV and common room on the ground floor.

Robinites counts amongst its more distinguished alumni the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, Sir Oliver Popplewell, the High Court Judge, and Michael Prestwich, Professor of History at Durham University.


mr andrew brinkley, MA (Oxon)

Andrew joins us from Worth School, where he currently teaches History and is Housemaster of a boys’ boarding house.  He graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA in Modern History, and has six years’ full time teaching experience in co-educational boarding.  Prior to making the move into teaching, for 10 years, he worked in marketing, business development and politics in the UK and internationally.  He coaches a range of sports including football, athletics and cross-country, and is an Expedition Supervisor and Qualified Assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

He is married to Saskia and they have three young children. In his occasional spare moments he enjoys open water swimming, cycling and off-road running.


Mr Andrew Brinkley 
T: +44 (0) 1483 291620


Review by a House Monitor

So, what apart from its outstanding cross-dressing netball team and its reputation for always having the best cakes in the afternoon makes Robinites recognisable? It is often said by other members of the School how surprisingly well year groups get on and how pleasant it is that a Remove can have a chat to a Second Year Specialist as if speaking to a peer. Just as notable as our friendliness is our popularity. Robinites is probably the most visited House in the School, with the top floor swarming with First Year Specialists, spilling out of the common room and into the corridors, or with a Fourths’ pizza evening filling the first floor.

When Mr Hearn came to the House he inspired the House with their energy and enthusiasm. Our Matron, is always helpful and her friendly face has become a part of Robinites that would be sorely missed (and the quality of her cakes has already been mentioned).

There are many scholars in our midst; academic, music, art and Peter Attenborough award winners. The Lack of Talent Variety Show is one of the most widely anticipated theatrical events in the School calendar, and without Robinite inspiration it wouldn’t be quite the same.

We’ve had victories in recent years, in House art, music, drama, sport, and even general knowledge competitions. Putting victories aside, when it comes down to it all Robinites is, and always will be, a friendly environment and the social centre of the School.

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