Mr Jason Ellis-Woodley

In Robinites we aim to create a welcoming “home from home” atmosphere. Central to this will be the support we offer one another and how we celebrate the many successes that you will have during your time here.

Jason Ellis

We celebrate one another’s strengths and support each other in addressing our weaknesses. Adopting the mantra of “better Robinites, make Robinites better”.

Whether they be on the sports field, the stage or in the classroom, there are many opportunities that will be offered to you during your time at Charterhouse. Our Robinite community aims to embrace all of these and accept the challenges that they bring. It is important that Robinites leave Charterhouse as
interesting individuals who are able to do life well. By navigating through exciting experiences such as Pioneers, Combined Cadet Force, Sports and Music commitments Robinites will be well prepared to succeed.


Mr jason ellis-woodley

Mr Ellis-Woodley is also a teacher of Biology and during his time at the School he has also been the Director of Hockey and the Resident Assistant Head of House in Gownboys. Prior to this Jason was at Reed’s School where he held a number of roles including teacher of Biology, Head of Second Form and a Resident Boarding Tutor.

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