September 2019 sees the introduction of separate boys’ and girls’ Houses. This has been achieved by converting existing buildings into three new girls’ Houses. 

Two girls' Houses – Chetwynd and Sutton – have been established within the existing, large Chetwynd Hall building. Fletcherites, previously the Sixth Form House, has also become a girls' House.

Chetwynd Hall will become the home of the girls' Houses, Chetwynd and Sutton



Mrs Jani Lambeth

I have great pleasure in introducing myself to you as the new Housemistress of Sutton House and Senior Housemistress at Charterhouse. I have been working at Bede’s Senior School in East Sussex for the last 9 years as a Housemistress of a girls’ boarding house, a job which I love very much. In my time at Bede’s, I have looked after more than 700 girls from 30 different countries and like to think I have experienced just about every teenage dilemma there is! I teach Science, Biology in particular, and am involved in our co-curricular offering by coaching netball, taking the school cross-country team and by running the volunteers programme.

I run my boarding house very much as an extension of my own family and I strive to create a warm homely environment in the house by combining sympathy with empathy. Taking time to listen to the girls in my care, and understand them as individuals is essential for them to feel valued and supported, and their happiness in their boarding house translates to success across the school. I have always believed in the value of establishing strong relationships with girls’ families and facilitate frequent communication between home and all necessary constituencies in the boarding environment. This allows me to combine strong pastoral care with well-embedded academic monitoring systems, ensuring the best outcomes for my pupils in both their academic achievements and their emotional wellbeing.

It is an honour and a privilege to be taking on this important role at Charterhouse, and I am super-excited to be involved with setting up a new girls’ Boarding House, and also to be part of the team bringing full co-education to such an historic school. I will be at Charterhouse as much as possible in the coming months and very much look forward to meeting existing girls and parents and future Charterhouse families as we embark upon this thrilling adventure together.

Mrs Jani Lambeth

Jani has been appointed to the role of Senior Housemistress, and Housemistress of Sutton. She joins Charterhouse after 8 years at Bede’s Senior School where she has been a teacher of biology, science and PE, and is currently a Housemistress.

Prior to her time at Bede's, Jani was Head of Year 7 & Head of Year 10 (concurrently) at Wisewood School and Community Sports College, and prior to that, taught at Felsted School.



Read the feedback from our pupils

With the establishment of Sutton, we are looking forward to getting to know each other well as although we have been together at school for a whole year, some of us have never spoken. Of course, we will work together to make the new girls feel welcome and a part of the house, and in all likelihood form brand new friendships . It will be exciting to develop a house atmosphere to create our own identity so that we are not always seen as a part of the boys' houses. This step to becoming a fully co-ed school is definitely in the right direction, even if the change is a big shock to us all. Perhaps, what we are most excited for is cooked breakfast but time will tell if it is worth it!

"Creating a comfortable setting with safe interpersonal relationships between the girls" - Kenza

"Creating a competitive house spirit #girlpower" - Valeria

"Being a founding member of an all-girls house will be an honourable experience and I am excited to see the school go completely Co-Ed and be a part of the initial process" - Jennifer G

"Excited to make a real home for the current and future girls and establish a strong sense of future tradition in house" - Christie

"I am expecting Sutton to be a lively house with girls full of different personalities but also a house that is warm and one that will be competitive" - Tare


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