Verites is one of the original three Victorian gothic ‘block houses’ at Charterhouse, purpose-built for the School’s move from London to its present site in Godalming in 1872. The glorious period architecture is complemented by the House’s magnificent position overlooking Green (1st XI cricket pitch), at the very heart of the School. Pupils in Verites enjoy the considerable advantage of being closest to Chapel, the Music Schools, Library, Hall, Brooke Hall (Masters’ Common Room), the 1st XI cricket and football pitches and many of the classrooms. Pupils in Verites eat all their meals in a splendid in-house Dining Room and the House can now accommodate over 70 pupils.

Unlike most of the other Houses at Charterhouse, Verites owes its name to the Housemaster of ‘Verites’ at Charterhouse in London, the Rev Oliver Walford, rather than to the original Housemaster in the School’s new 1872 location in Godalming (for Verites this was the Rev Thomas Vyvyan).  Rev Walford was also the Usher, or Deputy Headmaster, in London and was known affectionately as ‘old Ver’, an abbreviation of his first name ‘Oliver’; this is the origin of the name given to the House and its occupants as ‘Verites’.  


Housemaster's Welcome

In Verites we strive to create a happy, healthy, hard-working, cultured and civilised community in the House, a community which should inspire all pupils to make the most of the opportunities and facilities available to them at Charterhouse. We aim to ensure our pupils leave Charterhouse well-prepared for life beyond school, with excellent skills, knowledge and qualifications, good manners, decent values, self-respect, respect for others, and confidence as individuals.

In the Verites ‘House Rules’ the General Principles of Respect for Others, Respect for House Property, Self-Respect and Common Sense are stressed above all else. 

We do not aim to recruit a particular ‘type’ of pupil into the House, other than seeking energetic, enthusiastic and considerate pupils who are likely to make the most of their opportunities and contribute to a happy boarding community.  In Verites we celebrate effort and achievement in all areas of academic and extra-curricular life at Charterhouse, whether as scholars, sportsmen, musicians, artists, actors or whatever may be the particular talents and interests of each pupil.  In a boarding community pupils gain immensely from learning to appreciate and respect the talents and interests of others, which may be very different from their own.

Mr EJ Reid, MMath

Ed Reid took up the post of Housemaster in Verites in September 2015. Ed is an Old Carthusian (g 1989-1994) who read Mathematics at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was awarded a First. He taught at Radley for three years, during which time he was a resident Assistant Housemaster and Master in charge of Racquets. He returned to Charterhouse as a teacher in 2001; since then he has held various positions, including Master of the Yearlings and Master of the Under School. Ed also runs the Christian Union and coaches football, hockey and tennis. He is married to Jean and they have two young children. As well as his sporting interests, Ed enjoys reading, music and theatre and is an active member of Binscombe Church.

Contact Information

Mr EJ Reid
T: +44 (0)1483 291520



Mother of a Remove: 

"Verites is an incredibly welcoming and friendly house, accepting of all personalities and abilities. In my son’s year the skills range from talented musicians to excellent sportsman and drama enthusiasts. I also like the fact that all the years mix well, something that Ed Reid actively encourages.

Mr Reid and his wife have a very open door policy for both boys and parents, always there for support and advice. As a parent I really appreciate this collaborative approach to guiding the boys through adolescence.

We have also enjoyed the social side of the house, meeting the parents of other boys and feeling very involved in the Verites community. We would have no hesitation in recommending Verites as a fantastic house for both boys and parents."


"Verites makes you feel at home and is a place for all-rounders. Everyone in house gets on very well and there is rarely friction between pupils. It is well located, close to lessons so easy to come back to house between lessons. Being in Verites means being part of a really close community and it is Mr Reid that makes the place feel like that. This is one of the reasons why I think Verites is the best house!"


"Verites is a not merely a boarding house, but a community: all year groups and all people get along, forming a coherent and harmonious atmosphere. What is especially great is the diversity of this house with our clear mix of academics, sportsmen and musicians, which allows any new pupils to meet different personalities and see other aspects of the school. It is a truly amazing house that is multi faceted and welcoming to all."


"We were definitely more nervous than our son about him going off to boarding school. He had chosen Verites as he wanted to be close to the main school - he hoped it would enable him to stay in bed a bit longer in the morning! We were amazed and delighted that, from the very outset, there was interaction between all year groups and a genuine desire to create a happy house and home; there is a caring and well-disciplined atmosphere, permeated by Mr Reid, his family and the house tutors, with the right mix of structure and relaxation. We are really pleased with Verites and all look forward to four more happy years."


"Verites is a warm community that welcomes everyone and treats everyone with respect. It is a House that values kindness and support for each other, before anything else.

You will find that, in Verites, there is a great variety of abilities among pupils, ranging from academics, sports and art. Everyone’s individuality and contributions are cherished and there is a strong unity among pupils, regardless of the year group. The Housemaster is a great mentor, who leads by example. Verites is a happy place and it has become a true home away from home."


"We thought selecting a House would be challenging but, thanks to our son, the process turned out to be rather easy. He was very quick in choosing Verites after we had finished interviewing with a few Housemasters. When asked why Verites, he promptly responded: “I choose Verites because I feel Mr. Reid is authentic. He didn’t try to endorse his House. I can trust him”. We have to admit, we were impressed, by what we thought, it was a clever observation so we had no hesitation to swiftly communicate our choice to the Registrar.

Four years have gone by and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice. Verites is such a happy house. Everyone feels safe, secure and looked after and at the same time empowered to reach full potential. There is unconditional support from the entire staff; tutors, matron and of course the Housemaster (Mr. Reid) who we truly admire, because we believe his wisdom and leadership style are instrumental to the success and happiness that the Verites community enjoys today.

What we treasure the most about Verites, is the emphasis on being a great human being and living a life by values. Every child is a seed. When nurtured properly they grow into brilliant, amazing human beings. We know our son has had the best start possible in life by being part of the Verities family."


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