Mr Ed Reid

It is a huge privilege to be Head of Verites, and to look after such a fantastic group of boys and young men. Our aim in Verites is to provide an environment that forms a home away from home. 

Mr Ed Reid

We strive to ensure that all members of the House are in safe surroundings and feel comfortable in an open and trusting atmosphere. We want all of our pupils to feel appreciated and valued as individuals and to be supportive and kind towards others. Essential to their success at School is our boys' ability to learn effectively and develop their interests, so this is something that we work hard to nurture in Verites. We value the importance of enthusiasm, teamwork, determination and effort in achieving our goals. We encourage our boys to enjoy the achievements of their peers in all areas of academic and co-curricular life. By fostering the right environment, and nurturing positive values, the boys are able to make lasting friendships.

Of course we don’t all manage this all of the time, but by becoming a Verite you’d be joining a happy and successful House, with lots of wonderful people to get to know.

Mr Ed Reid, MMath

Ed Reid took up the post of Head of Verites in 2015. Ed is an Old Carthusian (g 1989-1994) who read Mathematics at Christ Church, Oxford, where he was awarded a First. He taught at Radley for three years, during which time he was a resident Assistant Housemaster and Master in charge of Racquets. He returned to Charterhouse as a teacher in 2001; since then he has held various positions, including Master of the Yearlings and Master of the Under School. Ed also runs the Christian Union and coaches football, hockey and tennis. He is married to Jean and they have two children. As well as his sporting interests, Ed enjoys reading, music and theatre and is an active member of Binscombe Church.

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