Originally one of the four Houses located on the far side of Chapel, Weekites was bought from its founding Housemaster, the Reverend Weekes, in 1896 before being moved to its present site in 1973. Weekites has been recently refurbished to provide a very comfortable common room with pool table, plasma TV and social area; a music suite with electronic drum kit, piano and PA system.

On each floor within the house there is a 'Buttery' (small kitchen) fitted with a microwave, toaster, fridge, toastie machine and washing up facilities. These are exclusive to each year group and at different times during the day become very social areas and a welcome break from the rigors of school life.

Conveniently located next to the Central Dining Rooms, Queen’s Sports Centre and sports fields, Weekites allows it’s pupils the chance of some peace and quiet away from the main school site and classrooms. The walk across to Chapel or lessons in the morning also gives the pupils a chance to 'switch on' for the day ahead.


Housemaster's WELCOME

Weekites is a House which strives to provide an honest and tolerant environment in which to live while aiming to develop an understanding that each person is an individual and their own likes and interests are to be acknowledged and respected.

While living in Weekites, pupils will be encouraged to develop their own academic curiosity, to become more self-reliant while at the same time learning that working together is a vital life skill. They will foster a sense of service and responsibility to the House, School and the wider community and in turn will develop good judgement and sound moral values.

To aid me in this process, I have a team of adults I rely on who are involved in the running of the House. This team consists of two Matrons, one full-time and the other 'relief' (who comes in one day a week), an Assistant Housemaster, an energetic and well respected team of tutors, as well as a dedicated team of cleaners. The Assistant Housemaster and tutors are all teachers at Charterhouse. Pupils are encouraged to build more than just a working relationship with their tutor. This can be done over lunch in House (the whole House eats together in their own dining room) or while the tutor is on night duty. Members of the House team have a number of different interests, hobbies and specialities not just in their teaching area.

The Head of House, monitor team (Second Year Specialists) and 'Side-Table' (First Year Specialists) are encouraged to take responsibility for the smooth running of the House and ensuring that day to day chores are completed. As senior pupils in the House we try to treat them as adults and thanks to their first-hand experience and views on life in Weekites, their opinions and thoughts are both valued and respected.

The main emphasis is on effort and participation in both House and School events alike. The House has enjoyed many recent successes in sport, music and art and can celebrate great individual achievements in all areas; however, it is effort and attitude that is most highly-prized in a Weekite.

In today’s world where so many have little, it is important that we understand our place in society and the responsibilities we have to it. To this end, every pupil is reminded how fortunate they are to live in and attend a school like Charterhouse and to make the most of the endless opportunities they have at their finger-tips while here.

Mr EF Poynter, BA

Ed Poynter has been Housemaster of Weekites since 2014. He has an English and Classics degree from Exeter University and had a career in the army before moving into teaching in 2010.  During his six years as an officer in the 4th and 2nd Battalions in the Royal Green Jackets and the Rifles, he saw active service in Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Before joining Charterhouse, Ed was an Assistant Housemaster and English teacher at Ardingly College, where he was also responsible for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and for co-ordinating all outdoor education and has coached rugby and football.  He is an enthusiastic sportsman himself, as well as an avid student of literature, history and the arts, and has recently completed the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race.

Ed is married to Emily and they have a young daughter.

Contact Information

Mr EF Poynter
T: +44 (0)1483 291560
E: [email protected]



“The best thing about being Weekites is being close to the sports pitches…”
 a Fourth (Year 9)

“Weekites is what every house wants to be. We are good at sports, but also do well in the House Music and Singing competitions, House Art… basically everything we enter!”
 a Remove (Year 10)

“Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in any other House. Weekites suits me and my interests, and I think I fit in really well with the others in my year group. I also really like my tutor, Dr Langman, he’s a good guy.”
 a Fifth (Year 11)

“It is fair to say we view Weekites as a successful House with the ability to compete in every competition. As Specialists, we have welcomed the freedom of self-motivated study that comes with the Sixth Form Curriculum and, of course, the introduction of girls. The energetic people in Weekites mean that it is hard to be bored and great friendships are struck up; it makes for an enjoyable home to return to after lessons.”
 a First Year Specialist (Year 12)

“Weekites is a place that attracts an array of skilled and talented pupils, enabling the House to thrive in every aspect of school life. Academic, sporting, musical and cultural standards are high due to the unconditional support of the Housemaster and tutors. Weekites focus on hard work and effort but it is really the house spirit behind its many successes.”
 a Second Year Specialist (Year 13)

“I’ve made some great friends while at Charterhouse, the closest of which I found in Weekites.”
 a Second Year Specialist (Year 13)

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