Calendar & Term Dates

A PDF of the Pink Book (calendar) is available below.

The Calendar / Pink Book OQ 2019 | PDF

T E R M  D A T E S

Returning to School

The normal return times for pupils at the start of each Quarter (and after a Leave Weekend or Exeat) are:

  • 8.30 pm   Under School pupils return
  • 9.00 pm   Specialists return

Exceptions to this will be communicated to parents in advance.

Oration Quarter 2019

Tuesday 3 September to Saturday 7 December

Leave Weekend          
Friday 27 September to Sunday 29 September

Activities Weekend         
Saturday 5 October to Sunday 6 October

Saturday 19 October to Sunday 3 November

Leave Weekend           
Friday 22 November to Sunday 24 November



Tuesday 7 January to Saturday 28 March

Leave Weekends
Friday 24 January to Sunday 26 January and 
Friday 13 March to Sunday 15 March
Queen’s Exeat
Friday 14 February to Sunday 23 February
Activities Weekend  
Saturday 7 March and Sunday 8 March


Tuesday 21 April to Saturday 27 June

Leave Weekend
Thursday 7 May to Sunday 10 May
Saturday 23 May to Monday 1 June

oration QUARTER 2020

Tuesday 8 September to Friday 11 December

Leave Weekend
Friday 2 October to Sunday 4 October
Activities Weekend 
Saturday 10 October to Sunday 11 October
Friday 16 October to Sunday 1 November
Leave Weekend
Friday 20 November to Sunday 22 November 


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