Charterhouse Connect

Charterhouse Connect is our new community portal built exclusively for you. The platform will enable OCs and parents to connect with each other, share interests and experiences, and build professional and social networks. You will also have the opportunity to sign up as a mentor, or find a mentor, as well as accessing School news, events and archive material.

Register or log-in by visiting


1. How do I join?

Charterhouse Connect is a members-only platform accessible to OCs and parents. To register your profile please go to and join via your email, LinkedIn or Facebook profiles. Registrations made via LinkedIn or Facebook will automatically use the login details associated with these sites. If you register via LinkedIn, any profile information changes you make on your LinkedIn account, such as a new job, will automatically transfer to your Connect account. There is also the opportunity to syncronise your profile to LinkedIn at any point.

Please note that the second page of registration will ask you to confirm how you are ‘willing to help’ and these details can be amended and changed at any time once registered. Approval for registrations will usually be completed within 24 hours.

This platform is also available as an app at most app stores. 

2. What can I do on this platform?

Lots! Charterhouse Connect makes it easy to connect and build your network through the following areas:

  1. Profile: Share your biographical details, along side your professional and personal interests.
  2. Directory: Find OCs and current parents and make connections.
  3. Mentoring: Find a mentor or volunteer to provide support. Either way you will find useful guides of best practice to get the most out of a mentoring relationship.
  4. Events & News: Find out about the latest news and events at the School and register your attendance. Registering for an event via Charterhouse Connect allows you to see who else will be attending.
  5. Groups: Browse and join any of our large range of clubs and societies from within our vibrant OC community. Our parents can benefit from being able to interact with their fellow parents in closed House groups.
  6. Jobs & Opportunities: Whether you are looking for your next move or looking to recruit, the jobs page will ensure you have the pick of talented individuals from within our community.
  7. Updates: You can use this functionality to post a message to the entire platform and can also attach documents and links. Where ‘Updates’ exist in closed groups (e.g. all House Associations and Houses), the posts will be limited to that group.
  8. Album: Upload photos and tag friends. Please remember to give images a title and add the year it was taken.

3. How do I update my profile?

Select your profile and use the 'Edit Profile' link. To save updates remember to click the relevant ‘update’ buttons. Once you have finished simply hit the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen.

4. I made a mistake when registering! How do I correct this?

You can update your information from your profile page. Simply click the ‘Edit Profile’ button to edit then save.

5. I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you forget your password then just use the ‘forgotten your password’ link to reset. If you need any assistance please contact

6. How can I find a mentor?

You can search the Directory to find a suitable mentor for yourself. Such searches can be conducted via location, type of help offered, industry, company, profession and House.

Once you have identified who you would like to mentor you, use the ‘Request Help’ button on their profile page to send them a mentoring request, or simply send them a message. Once you are connected you can start the conversation and begin your mentoring experience.

For best practice and further information on mentoring please click here.

7. Can the School update my profile for me?

No. Although we administrate the site, your profile is personal to you and we cannot change it.

8. How secure is Charterhouse Connect? How can I control my privacy settings?

The platform is a closed community and only accessible by individuals approved by the School. Approval will usually be completed within 24 hours.

You also have the ability to control the information that other users see via your Profile page. Here you have the ability to:

  • Remove your email address from the profile
  • Ensure your phone number is not visible
  • Ensure that others are unable to message you
  • This functionality can be found on your profile homepage. Use the pink arrow entitled ‘Update your profile’ and then select the settings above using the ‘Contact and Social’ box in the bottom right hand box.

You can also switch off notifications and emails alerting you to the following information:

  • Replies and likes to your own posts
  • Replies to posts you have replied to
  • New messages
  • Event invitations
  • Newsletters

This functionality can be found in ‘Account Settings’ (second drop down of the ‘cog’ next to ‘Invite Alumni!’ in the top right hand corner of the site).

Please be sure also to read the Privacy Policy found at the bottom of the page to fully understand how your information is stored and used.

Kindly note that any information that you do share will be visible to everyone on the platform and the School does not have direct control over how another member may use the information presented. If you experience any mistreatment please raise a complaint on the ‘Report inappropriate content’ red button on the footer of each page. Please note you may choose to delete your profile at any time.

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