At Charterhouse we are actively committed to providing the highest standards of pastoral care to ensure the wellbeing of all our pupils. Pastoral care plays a central part in pupils' lives during their time here, with a team of staff who support and care for them.

Our Pastoral Vision

At Charterhouse we aim to equip pupils to lead fulfilled and purposeful lives by providing an all-round education based on Christian values. To this end Charterhouse expects its pupils to adopt the highest standards of behaviour in all aspects of their lives at School (academic, boarding and co-curricular) and to embrace, embody and live by the School’s core values of Kindness, Responsibility, Open-mindedness, Moral Courage and Perseverance.  Each boarding House aims to be a ‘home from home’ where all pupils feel safe, secure and supported.

Pastoral Team

The Deputy Head (Pastoral), oversees all pastoral care and reports directly to the Head, working together with the Assistant Head (Pastoral), Director of Wellbeing & Inclusion, Director of Safeguarding and the pastoral team to provide the best care for our pupils.

Pastoral Team

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Director of Wellbeing & Inclusion
Assistant Head (Pastoral) Tutors
Director of Safeguarding Senior Tutor and Heads of Year
Heads of Houses Chaplain
Deputy Heads of Houses Medical Staff
Assistant Heads of Houses Counsellors

All pupils are under the care of their resident Head of House, who is their day-to-day mentor and is responsible for looking after them throughout their time at Charterhouse.

The Heads of Houses and their families live in the Houses, and are supported by a team of pastoral staff and tutors. Every pupil is allocated a tutor who takes a particular interest in their academic progress, co-curricular commitments and who guides them through the PSHE programme. The tutor takes responsibility for one year group within their House and is therefore able to maintain good oversight of key pressure points within their year. Tutors meet with their tutees formally once a week as well as meeting informally on the tutor’s weekly duty evening in House. One of the House tutors is appointed the Deputy Head of House; they also play an integral role in running the House.

The Head of House is also supported by an Assistant Head of House who manages the House during the School ‘day’ ensuring that pupils are safe, secure and supported through proactive, ‘eyes-on’ pastoral care. They support pupils in being in the right place at the right time and ensure that they are as clean, tidy and organised as we can reasonably expect teenagers to be. They will also be a great ‘listening ear’ and do all they can to ensure that a pupil gets the right help when needed, whether that is through the Health or Wellbeing centres or indeed any relevant member of staff. They provide a helpful communication channel for parents as well as pupils.

There is also a structure of care amongst the pupils in each House. The Head of House appoints House Monitors to help care for pupils in the House, and during their first few weeks in the House, each new pupil is allocated to an older pupil whose responsibility it is to make sure they settle in, find their way around and learn quickly how the School and House works.

The Heads of Year have special responsibility for their year group of pupils, monitoring and encouraging their academic progress through formal meetings, as well as organising informal meals and opportunities to talk through any problems they may have. The Heads of Year also oversee the successful delivery of the PSHE Programme for their year group.

The chaplaincy, the medical staff and the counsellors in the Wellbeing Centre are all available so that any pupil can make an appointment to meet and discuss any problems they may have.


View our Safeguarding & Child Protection and Discipline policy documents.

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