Development Strategy

A Charterhouse education has been preparing young people to strive for the best for more than 400 years.

Today, the future we look towards is arguably more exciting and testing than it has ever been. Globalisation, changing patterns of work, the relentless march of technology and the requirement for sustainable progress are all going to require new levels of intellectual engagement, flexibility and individual resourcefulness among the generation that will face these challenges.

This pace of change requires us to maintain a rolling and ongoing commitment to development in education. The Governing Body recognises the importance of embedding strategic development in all aspects of School life and reaches beyond buildings and facilities to become a mind set that embraces change.

The Governing Body has set out a confident development strategy that will ensure that the School continues to deliver the best available education, one that prepares our pupils for an exciting future. This will be embedded in all aspects of School life – our activities, buildings and facilities, and how we work together.


‘Aspire’ is the name we have given to our ambitions for the future, and to the range of development initiatives this great School is going to undertake to support them.  

Aspire signifies a commitment to push ourselves beyond the excellent education we provide today; it is an alertness to the needs and opportunities of the coming world, and of the profound importance education plays in shaping it for good. 

Aspire also draws together all elements of our development strategy into a single, easily identifiable programme. A single banner under which we will be sharing and communicating all aspects of our development strategy work.

Work on Aspire initiatives has already begun. In 2017, the Governors set the strategic direction for Charterhouse. That led to an outline development strategy and an assessment of the options open to the School, in order to bring that strategy to reality. All of our projects are being led by the Senior Leadership of the School and are overseen by the Governors.

We welcome and invite anyone with an interest in our development plans to participate and share their ideas with us – we know that drawing on the experience and skills of our extended community will result in the best possible outcome for the School.