Home of FutureU

Funded entirely by philanthropy,  The Hub - Charterhouse’s newest facility, provides a range of spaces where every pupil can explore and develop a foundation in the types of skills, knowledge and experiences that will be needed to thrive throughout their lives.

A boardroom, a tech-rich seminar space, group working pods and a 200 seat lecture theatre all combine to create an environment that mirrors the type of modern open-plan flexible spaces seen in universities and business, providing opportunities for collaboration, risk taking, presentations and team-work.

The Hub, located in the centre of the School

We have purposefully chosen not to teach these topics within a traditional classroom setting, in order to encourage all pupils to think differently, learn quickly while taking risks and to provide opportunities to connect with individuals around the globe via technology.

The Hub and the FutureU programmes based within it, are located centrally within the School’s historic campus – emphasising our commitment to place this important activity firmly in the School’s DNA,  working alongside our academic courses.