Entrepreneurship Diploma

Charterhouse is the first UK school to offer its pupils an Entrepreneurship Diploma accredited by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE). 

Sixth Form pupils have the opportunity to gain a level 3 professional qualification in Applied Entrepreneurship. In addition, upon successful completion of the CED, pupils will gain sixteen UCAS points. This is the first time such a programme has carried UCAS credits.   

Delivered by a blended programme of taught classes, supplemented by case studies and guest speakers, The CED frames theoretical learning within real life applications. Another innovation sees the addition of AI technology to provide advice and feedback to pupils throughout the course.

Nurturing the next generation of innovators


In a first for Charterhouse, the programme will have a blended delivery, mixing teaching, case-studies and AI learning – as our Diploma uses the latest AI technology to help pupils with advice and feedback. The Diploma will give our sixth-formers problem-solving skills, adaptability and employability. We firmly believe that an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills associated with it, will benefit all pupils, irrespective of their future plans. 

The addition of AI learning is a particularly significant innovation. We already know that job applicants come into increasing contact with AI during the first phases of the recruitment process. Providing our teenagers with an initial framework for how to begin working effectively with AI will be a huge support in the years ahead.

The CED forms an important part of Charterhouse’s commitment to preparing all pupils as completely as possible for their future.  

We have purposefully chosen not to teach these topics within a traditional classroom setting, in order to encourage all students to think differently, learn quickly from taking risks and to provide opportunities to connect with individuals around the globe via technology.

An entrepreneurial mindset can be of benefit to everyone and we’re taking the lead on entrepreneurship and employability. Extensive opportunities lie ahead for exciting projects with our partners, both in the maintained sector and internationally.