Navy gets Sinking Feeling

New CCF cadets visited the Navy’s fire and damage repair training centre to learn about and operate fire fighting equipment, and to experience the sinking ship simulator.

CCF Cadets go Parachuting

After intensive training and practice, the cadets set off for their jump. In the plane, they were joined by the Red Devils!

The Charterhouse Farm

A report on the first year of the society, their training, the skills they have developed and the plans for the future, by pupil Lydia Fernandez.

 World Environment Day


Celebrated at Charterhouse giving us a further opportunity to reflect on the world around us, and how we can contribute positively to it.

Remembering the Holocaust

Pupils were privileged to hear from Mr Leslie Kleinman, BEM, a survivor of Auschwitz, during a day of events to remember and learn lessons from the Holocaust.


Charterhouse Pupil On Top of the World

Dmitry Tertychnyy reaches the summit of Everest to complete the remarkable feat of climbing the highest mountain on each of the seven continents

Pupils visit HMS Victory

Participate in the 250th anniversary of the birth of Nelson's Chaplain and Old Carthusian, the Reverend Doctor Alexander John Scott

Examination Results

University Destinations

Video Collection

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